S’more ways to enjoy braai treats

Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 12 October 2018

It is still unclear who invented the unputdownable, ooey-gooey treat known as s’mores. What we do know is that the name originated from wanting more of it – ‘some more’ – translated into s’more. Campfire details the history of the marshmallow and interestingly enough, it was traced as far back as 2000BC in ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians came across a wild herb in a marshland, and because the sap extracted was sweet, it became known as the marshmallow plant. When combined with honey, it was transformed into ‘a confectionary so amazing that only pharaohs and the gods could enjoy it’. In the 1800s, sweet-makers in France added egg whites and sugar to the marshmallow plant sap, then whipped it by hand and produced the first marshmallow.

Due to its popularity, candy-makers developed the starch mogul system (a method of moulding candy that allows runnier materials to be used than normal processes) to make marshmallows quicker. In 1927 The Girl Scout Handbook published a recipe for roasted marshmallow with chocolate bars and graham crackers, which is the first traced recipe of the beloved s’more.

Ever since, there have been several variations of the delicious treat. It has become synonymous with braais, campfires and ghost stories.

Here are 3 variations to try out the next time you braai

Grilled banana s’mores

1 banana
A handful of chocolate chips
A handful of mini marshmallows
1 Marie biscuit or Tennis biscuit
You can also add peanut butter, nuts, Nutella, jam, etc.

Cut and pull back a small strip of peel from the top of the banana, leaving one end intact. Using a knife, carve a shallow well down the centre of the banana. Fill it with chocolate chips, marshmallows and crushed biscuit, and anything else you enjoy. Place the peel back onto the banana and wrap tightly in foil. Place foiled bananas on the braai grill and cook for 15 minutes. Once done, remove from grill and slowly peel back the foil. Remove from the grill and carefully pull back the foil, dig in and enjoy.

Pan s’mores

1 cup chocolate chips
8 large marshmallows
Handful of chopped pecan nuts (optional)
Biscuits for dipping

Method: For a smokey flavour we recommend the braai, but you can also use the over for this recipe too. Preheat the oven to 200°C if you are baking. Alternatively, add the chocolate chips to a cast iron or non-stick pan. Cut marshmallows in half and add on top of the chocolate. Place the nuts over all the marshmallows. Place on braai or in oven for 10 minutes, until the chocolate has melted. Take off the heat and scoop up with biscuits. Devour!

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Pretzel s’mores

1 slab of milk chocolate
A bag of marshmallows
A bag of pretzels

A fun alternative to making a s’more is to recreate a sweet, salty version by using pretzels. Sandwich a block of chocolate and a marshmallow between two pretzels. Place a sosatie stick through the pretzel and marshmallow and hold over a braai. Once melted the ‘prets’more’ is ready.

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