Why soaking in wine is good for your health

Posted on 2 December 2020 By Anita Froneman

The health benefits of wine have long been established. Conservatively approached by some and zealously promoted by others, the advantages of a good tipple of red are endless.

Drinking moderate amounts of red wine is associated with better heart health, better regulated blood sugar, and lower stress levels, as it is naturally rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Drinking white wine can lead to optimised cardiovascular and metabolic function, and improve lung functions. 

Alcohol can however also be addictive to some, and drinking excessive amounts has a negative impact on health, so consult a medical professional if you have any concerns.

Why soaking in wine is good for your health

Vinotherapy involves relaxing in a tub of red wine.

Drinking aside, simply soaking in a tub of wine is also rumoured to have proven health benefits. Vinotherapy involves bathing in a tub of red wine, which can be warmed and infused with spices and essential oils.

According to XtraWine, red wine contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that cleanse the pores, clears acne and reduce the chance of future breakouts when applied directly to the skin.

‘Tannins are antibacterial, helping fight viruses and fungi whilst also improving cardiac health and increasing blood flow. Combined with the anti-oxidising properties from the polyphenols in grapes and citrus fruits, circulation is improved whilst you soak your worries away, leaving you glowing,’ spa booking service SpaSeekers say.

‘Whilst also contributing anti-bacterial, anti-oxidising, stress-reducing, skin softening and anti-inflammatory properties. Just make sure you only drink the wine in your glass!’

While bathing in wine might seem like a marketing gimmick to some or a waste of a good drink to others, at the very least it should be a novel and relaxing activity for those who are up for an immersive experience.

Places where you can try vinotherapy in South Africa include Sediko Bush Spa in Limpopo and the Silver Forest Spa and Sante Welness Retreat and Spa in Cape Town.

Picture: Twitter/MarktheSpaman

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