3 things you must add to your braai kit

Posted on 13 September 2013

Braaing can be messy, dirty work. We found three of the best items to get the braai burning and wipe off the sticky marinade.

QuickFire FireStarters Sachets

New on the market, these sachets have revolutionised the art of fire-lighting. A cylindrical package contains 100 waterproof teabag-like odourless sachets with powdered paraffin innards

Each one burns for 10 minutes, ample time for charcoal or wood to start smouldering, and they’re small enough to pack into your backpack or camping kit to save space without stinking it up.

Costs R100 for 100 sachets

Chicabee Brands (available from Makro, Builders Warehouse and Builders Express).

Woolworths Braai Wipes

Throw away that revolting lappie and welcome these wet wipes for your braai. They come in a pack of 12 and you can use them to clean hands, tongs, grids and to wipe away spills or fat. While they do a good job of wiping away some grease, you should still clean grids and tongs properly after a braai.

Braai Wipes-2

Costs R46,95


Glad Press’n Seal

Once you’ve experienced Glad Press’n Seal, you’ll never go back to using ordinary cling wrap.

It sticks to any dry surface without coming undone – I covered marinade and shook it violently without experiencing a single spill – and is a welcome addition to any outdoor kit as you won’t need to use bulky Tupperware or worry about losing the lids.

Costs R73,99

Pick n Pay

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