Two (almost) indestructible coffee plungers for travel

Posted by Melanie van Zyl on 19 May 2017

Having broken my fair share of coffee plungers on the road, I hunted for something more robust. Here’s what I found.  

For some a sachet of instant coffee does the trick on the road, but for others only a strong cup of good filter coffee will suffice. I fall into the latter category and found two French press coffee plungers that are great for travelling – because adventure requires some resilience. Both choices (I tested seven) are durable, brew more than one cup at a time, plunge evenly so no rogue grains end up in your cup and they’re easy to pack.

1. Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System


Stanley Coffee Plunger

First up is the ultimate coffee companion, the all-in-one Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System. It consists of a one-litre flask, stainless-steel pot with a hardy plastic press, two drinking cups and a nifty lid that also stores a portion of coffee grounds. The kit is not featherlight, weighing just over a kilogram, but the flask doesn’t leak and keeps water piping hot and coffee-ready all day on the road. It also pours cleanly. However, if you already own a good flask I recommend the next option.

2. 900ml GSI Java Press



GSI Java Coffee Plunger

It’s a lighter (just under 300g) and more affordable coffee plunger made from shatter-resistant material and insulated by a thick sleeve of ballistic material that’ll wear well and keep the brew steaming for a little longer than the glass type.


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