Nifty kitchen gadgets for camping

Posted on 1 September 2016

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re prepared. These are some of our favourite bits and gadgets, to make sure you avoid the trauma of warm drinks or sawing at tomatoes with a butter knife next time you’re camping.


1. Packit Double Wine Cooler


Packit Double Wine Cooler - Kitchen Camping Gadgets

The best thing since sliced bread? This Freezable Double Wine Bag. Pop the whole thing in the freezer before you start the camping trip and the gel in the walls of the bag freezes provides up to ten hours of chill time. It fits and protects two one-litre wine or champagne bottles and folds up into a small size to fit into the freezer or car when not in use.

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2. Rack Mounted Bottle Opener


Fron Runner Bottle Opener - Kitchen Camping Gadgets

Turn the whole car into a bottle opener with the Front Runner Roof Rack Mounted Bottle Opener. Its pretty self-explanatory – the black powder-coated stainless steel unit bolts onto the roofrack and voila! An ice cold round for everyone.


3. Hillhouse Jaffle Iron


Jaffle - Camping Kitchen Gadgets

Ok it’s not new, but if your trusty old waffle iron has given up our food editor reckons this is the next best thing. There are cast-iron and cast-iron aluminium irons on the market, but the edges don’t quite meet on closing and they are heavy, This lightweight option offers all the same benefits of the vintage one, but doesn’t feel as sturdy and they handles are plastic.

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4. Morakniv Companion Knife

Morkaniv Knife - Kitchen Camping Gadgets

This knife has blade of Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel and a comfortable, rubberised handle for better non-slip grips. It’s available in lots of bright colours, comes in a matching plastic sheath and is reasonably priced. Use it to easily dice potatoes for the potjie, or deal with tomatoes for braaibroodjies.

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5. Kampa Keg 3,5-litre Collapsible Water Container



This big keg can be packed flat in the car then opened and filled for easy hydration at the campsite. It has a carry handle and takes up very little space when flat. There’s also a heftier 7,5-litre keg available.


6. GSI Gourmet Kitchen in a Bag



The GSI Gourmet Kitchen in a Bag is a nifty ready-to-go self-catering kit that weighs just 500g. The 11-piece set is stored in a soft-sided case and includes a collapsible whisk, pivoting nylon spatula and spoon, waterproof salt and pepper shaker modules that screw together to keep spices dry and flavourful, two soft refillable condiment bottles as well as a cutting board, scrubber and a camp towel.


7. Stanley Adventure Percolator



The six-cup Stanley Adventure Percolator is made from heavy-duty material to stand up to rugged outdoor brewing over the campfire. The one-litre stainless steel coffee-maker has a sturdy handle featuring a removable silicone grip for easy pouring and is a handy winter addition to the camp kit.


8. Sea to Summit X Pot Kettle



When it comes to hiking you’ve got to watch your weight – less is definitely more when you’re slogging up a mountain – and this tiny award-winning (Best New Gear from the Gear Institute and Editor’s Choice from Backpacker) 1,3-litre Sea to Summit X-Kettle weighs just 186g, which is lighter than a roll of toilet paper. The idea of a collapsible kettle is not new, but there hasn’t been one this lightweight. Don’t be fooled by the silicone, despite the soft walls the corrugations help it stand up well and it collapses down to a 35mm thick disk. It’s designed for use over a small hiking stove flame (not big camp fires) to heat up the aircraft-grade hard adonised aluminium base, which can also be used as a chopping board. It’s only safe to boil a litre of water (despite the bigger capacity value of 1,3 litres) and the decent non-stick bottom can be used to cook food too. It’s easy to clean and larger pot sizes are also available (1,4 and 2,8-litres).



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