Nifty gadgets to pack for your Christmas holiday (or to gift!)

Posted on 8 December 2022

There’s no place like home. Except for a holiday home. And, whether your holiday ‘home’ is a caravan, a cottage in the middle of nowhere, or a series of cute Airbnbs.

To help you vacation in comfort this festive season, Solenco has found some nifty travel gadgets you didn’t know you needed – until now.

Keeping in touch:

  • Walkie-talkies will help you communicate in areas where cell phone connectivity is poor.


Picture: Barna Bartis – Unsplash

  • Noise-cancelling headphones are a must, especially if you’re going to be flying somewhere.
  • A mini surge protector for your appliances and gadgets is a no-brainer because loadshedding is still a thing.
  • A clip-on lens set for your smartphone camera can up your photo game with fisheye, super-wide and macro options.


Picture: Lewis Ogden – Flickr

  • Fingerprint padlocks will secure your bags without you having to remember a code (or forget a code, as the case may be).

Health and well-being:

  • A portable, rechargeable air circulator will keep you cool and help keep mosquitos at bay, even if there’s no electricity.

Solenco’s MeacoFan 260C Cordless Air Circulator is perfect for power outages as it doesn’t rely on a constant power source. Secondly, it comes with a light and is very quiet which makes it the perfect addition to the bedside table. It can be charged via a standard USB port and runs for 14 hours on a single charge.

In addition, most battery and inverter backups will run the Meaco Fan 260c bigger siblings including the Meaco Fan 650, 1056, and 1056 Pedestal Fan due to their low energy consumption.

With its long ‘battery-life’ and compact, lightweight design which will fit into your hand luggage, this air circulator is perfect for accompanying you on your holiday. Bush, berg, or beach, it will keep you cool, and won’t disturb your much-deserved peace and relaxation.

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