The best new light for outside

Posted by Melanie van Zyl on 5 October 2017

Both the design-conscious and the rugged outdoors fanatic will fall for the Luminoodle, a 1,5m strip of LED light that provides 180 lumens of bright, well-dispersed light for your campsite.

The flexible sheath protecting the lights is waterproof and has three magnets that can be moved along the length of the strip so that it can be attached to your car or any other metal surface.


You can stick, hang or hook this light anywhere. Stash it in the cubby hole and use the magnets to attach it to the hood of your car in the event of a break-down. It’ll give you dispersed light over your engine.

It also comes with handy ties to hang the strip from other surfaces. Or you can roll it up, and put it in its pouch which doubles up as a diffuser and lantern. Powered via USB, the light runs o a car cigarette lighter or USB port in any vehicle, and the LED bulbs use very little power so the car battery won’t drain down.

The one sticking point is that the strip doesn’t stretch that far if it’s plugged into a car. I found it more practical, and portable, when I attached it to a power bank. It also used very little juice even though I left it on for three hours. More than anything, I loved the atmosphere the lights created. They’re soft and yellow and their beam spreads out over a metre and a half, bright enough to prepare dinner or even read.

Packed away in the pouch, the Luminoodle is compact and lightweight (just 133g), and ideal for hiking because the strip sticks easily to the metal bunk beds you often find in hikers’ huts.




This story first appeared in the June 2017 issue of Getaway magazine.

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