These 13 items should be in your 4×4 recovery kit

Posted on 1 March 2016

A standard 4×4 recovery kit has the essentials, but add these 13 items and you’ll be prepared for anything.

Standard 4x4 recovery kit

‘While off-roading in Botswana, this recovery bag (above) was essential for getting us out of sticky situations. We also noticed there was quite a bit of extra room in it so we put together a list of key items that we could fit into the bag to turn it into a “super-recovery kit”. Extra cost: R1115, and the items can be bought from most hardware stores.’ – Tyson Jopson


1. Tyre pressure gauge

From R95
The only thing less accurate than a Cape Town weather report is the tyre pressure gauge at a fuel station. Check your own pressures for total peace of mind.

Tyre repair kit and gauge


2. Tubeless tyre repair kit

From R120
Repairing a 4×4 tyre isn’t all that difficult. It’s tubeless, but it’s very similar to fixing a bicycle tyre. Most kits come with step-by-step instructions. Get a few spare valves too.


3. Reflective vest

From R55
It’s not always necessary in the bush, but could come in handy on the highway en route. Safety first.

Rope and reflective vest


4. Rope

From R60 for 10m
Always useful in a pinch. Don’t buy shorter than 10m (you can always double up for short ties) and get outdoor braid that floats on water.


5. Ratchet straps

From R170 for a pair
These are great for securing bulky items and can even be used to secure a broken leaf spring for short distances. Buy a pair, because in the bush Murphy makes the laws.

Cable ties and ratchet straps


6. Cable ties

From R30 for 60 ties
If MacGyver was made from plastic he’d be a cable tie. The uses are practically endless. Get a range of sizes from 100mm (light duty) to 600mm (heavy duty).


7. Hand cleaner

From R50 for a tub
Gloves are great for tyre changes and large jobs, but when things get finicky sometimes only raw fingers will do. Find a cleaner that contains silica grit for the best results.

Hand cleaner and multi spray


8. Multipurpose spray

From R35 for R150ml
This light-duty lubricant can be used to dry wet electrical equipment, ease seized nuts and prevent corrosion. You’ll rarely need more than a small can on a trip.


9. Seed net

From R175
Tall grass and overgrown trails can clog up your radiator. Having a seed net over the front means you won’t spend hours cleaning it.

Globes and seed net


10. Spare headlight globes

From R50 for a pair (depending on type of globe)
They’re small and because they’re vehicle-specific the chances of you finding the right type when you’re in the gramadoelas are slim.


11. Head torch

From R125
Disaster doesn’t always strike in the daytime. Plus, a head torch is also good for carrying out undercarriage inspections.

Head torch


12. Tape

Duct tape from R30 for 5m, silicone tape from R100 for 5m
Duct tape is great for binding, repairing tears and temporary waterproofing. Self-fusing silicone tape is also waterproof and impervious to fuel, oil, acids and solvents and can be used on radiator hoses, fuel lines, exhausts and fan belts.

Fuses and tape


13. Fuses

From R20 for a pack of eight (various sizes)
Sometimes the smallest things can leave you stranded. A fuse is one such thing. Pack spares – they’re cheap and don’t take up much room.

The basic recovery kit featured at top is standard with Avis 4×4 rentals and can be bought from Alu-Cab for R1200. They’ll also pimp your recovery kit on request. [email protected]


This article was first published in the October 2015 issue of Getaway magazine.

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