And the award for the funniest and furriest goes to…

Posted on 17 September 2018

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have announced the finalists for The Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award. With over 41 hysterical photos to choose from, we decided to share a few of our favourites with you.

Animals can be quirky, cute and downright funny – especially when they take on human-like expressions or are just photographed at the right time.

The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers and the aim is to highlight wildlife conservation.

The winner will be announced on 15 November at a formal awards ceremony. Voting is open to all, and you can leave your mark right here.

Here are our top 12 picks 

We added some of our own headlines, just for kicks…

1. He couldn’t ‘bear’ the thought of you getting hurt

Jonathan Irish – Drive safe

2. I’ve said too much already 

Jakob Strecker – Astonished Lemur

3. About to drop a mixtape for 2018

Ke Qiang Ruan – The Black Skimmer Gang

4. Not tonight, I have a headache

Maureen Toft – Have a headache

5. (Singing) At first I was afraid, I was petrified… 

Mary McGowan – Caught in the act

6. This is Sparta!

Sergey Savvy – This is Sparta

7. I see dead people, walking around like regular people

Shane Keena – Peek a boo

8. It takes two to tangle

Sergey Savvi – Martian Tango

9. A rhino in a tutu walked into a bar

Kallol Mukherjee – Rhinopeocock 4

10. (Singing) I believe I can fly

Sarah E Devlin – Hello World!

11. Hold me back, hold me back 

Michael Watts – Tango

12. What you going to do? Tell mum? 

Barney Koszalka – So there


Main picture: The Affinity Photo Peoples Choice award/Achim Sterna

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