Sleep in a remodelled airship in remote Scotland

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 14 February 2020

An Airbnb located in Drimnin, on the northeast shore of the Sound of Mull in Scotland, breaks away from a traditional room or cottage for rent and allows the guest to get away from it all in a uniquely designed airship.

The newly designed ‘ship was created by English architect, Roderick James, and according to the Airbnb listing, the airship’s aluminium pod exterior has been ‘remodelled to suit human needs’

As for the different amenities you can expect to find in the remodelled airship, the petite little home includes a living room, patio area, kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, a fireplace for those cold Scottish nights a queen-sized bed, which can sleep two.

The cold aluminium exterior perfectly juxtaposes the warm and welcoming wooden interior. The front end of Airship has been converted into one large window while still maintaining the iconic airship shape.

Spending a night in this one of a kind Airbnb will set you back $194 (about R2,883) per night, although that price could vary depending on the season and what time of year you make the booking. If the 4.9 star, 190 reviews are anything to by, this is definitely worth a visit.

Image: Twitter/ @RJA_LLP

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