Adorable photos of meerkat pups snapped in Kgalagadi

Posted by David Henning on 10 November 2021

Meerkats are iconic animals of the Kalahari, with their curious, upright postures a welcome sight for anyone on safari. These social animals are a joy to observe. They have complex social systems and strong familial relationships.

Did you know?

-Meerkats are immune to most venom from other animals like scorpions and snakes.

-There are several collective nouns for groups of meerkats, including a mob, a clan, a gang and a manner.

-They do not drink water, but get all their hydration from their food.

-Meerkats can live up to eight years in the wild.

-Meerkats are very intelligent. A study at St Andrews University in Scotland has found that meerkats use complex coordinated behaviour, likened to that of chimps, dolphins and even humans. They can solve tasks with help from their mob but also use independent thought.

Gert Janzen Van Vuuren, on a recent visit to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, caught sight of some meerkat pups, making for entertaining viewing. Below are some of the great shots of these pups that Gert shared with us.







Contraceptive hormones and immunity to venom: Marvellous meerkat facts

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