Photoblog: 16 amazing images of animal camouflage

Posted by Janine Avery on 14 June 2013

Animals are the masters of disguise! Over the years the little creatures and critters of the earth have become masters of adaption as they learn to expertly blend in with their surroundings. From the game lodges of Tanzania to the beaches of the Western Cape and the city centres of Hong Kong; these animals, big and small, are hiding themselves in their habitat! (Read more: the art of camouflage, and why a book of zoology was carried onto the battlefield.)

In this image a moth camouflages itself in its natural environment which in this case happens to actually be on a garbage can in Hong Kong.

Image source: “Adaption” by Istolethetv on Flickr

This Hersiliidae spiders are masters at camouflaging themselves against the trees on which they live. They trap small insects that live on the trees by spinning them up in their web as they circle the prey. Their long spinnerets make them easily distinguishable from other species of spiders.

 Image source: “What’s Hiding” by DiscoveringNewSpecies on Flickr

This image captures as a Flounder fish as it expertly blends in with its surroundings.

Image source: “Flounder Camo” by Moondigger on Wikimedia

I promise there is an animal in this picture! Look closely as this Western Fence Lizard is very well hidden.

Image source: “Western Fence Lizard” by Mary Witzig on Flickr

This young bird may not be beautiful but he sure does blend in well with those guano-streaked cliffs.

Image source: “Camouflage” by A.Davey on Fotopedia

This Baron caterpillar loves to nibble on mango leaves and he displays the perfect camouflage so much so that if you didn't know he was there you wouldn't even see him!

Image source: “Malaysia Unidentified Catterpillar” by WohinAuswandern on Flickr

This cute little nymph, which was photographed in the Helderberg in South Africa, is extremely difficult to see as he is covered with the sand of his surroundings.

 Image source: “Hemiptera Heteroptera Gelastocoridae” by JonRichfield on Wikimedia

This little green frog displays the ultimate in amphibious animal camouflage.

 Image source: “Frog, Green” by Zarrapo on Pixabay

This young grasshopper was photographed in the Everglades National Park in Florida. If he doesn't move, the chances of spotting him are next to none.

Image source: “Camouflaged Grasshopper” by BugDNA on Flickr

This little orange-winged cicada learns to trust that he is camouflaged against the tree branches of his surroundings.

 Image source: “Platypeura Capensis” by Lehva on Flickr

There are three impalas hiding in this picture of the miombo woodlands of the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

 Image source: “Hidden Impalas – Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania” by David d’O on Flickr

The Scorpion Fish gets its name from its venom-tipped spikes but it is its seaweed like exterior that helps it to camouflage into the sea-bed. The skin of the fish is covered with many flaps to give it the appearance of algae.

 Image source: “The Beast” by Laszlo-Photo on Flickr

The Brimstone Butterfly looks just like a leaf and these butterflies come in an array of colours to match the bushes on which they live.

Image source: “Camouflage” by Remy Snippe on Flickr

This camouflaged spider was seen in Costa Rica. His reddish-brown legs look like they form part of the wrinkles of the wood.

Image source: “Camouflaged Spider” by Lon&Queta on Flickr 

This lizard was spotted lazing around at a hill station near Bangalore in India.

Image source: “Camouflage” by Goutam Gujjar on Flickr

The Malayan Horned Toad looks like just another leaf in the pile on the forest floor.

Image source: “Malayan Horned Toad” by Paul Williams on Flickr

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