Mirror City: time lapse photography like you’ve never seen it before

Posted by Tyson Jopson on 25 July 2013

People use the term ‘next level’ too loosely nowadays. Some call things ‘next level’ when, in fact, it’s just more of awesome but on the same level.

I’m not taking away from the talent involved in creating something special, I’m just saying sometimes things are not ‘next level’. Did you just beat Donkey Kong in the final battle or did you whoop his ass so hard you broke the game and unlocked a secret level that nobody had ever played? You know, that kind of thing.

Mirror City time lapse

That said that, I’d like to introduce you to a cityscape time lapse (you know how much I love those) video by Michael Shainblum that’s, well, next level. It’s called Mirror City and starts off with simple mirrors and recognisable architecture from Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. As the video progresses, so does the abstraction. It gets to a point where you’re not really even sure what you’re looking at it, but it’s awesome. If you prefer more conventional time lapse videos (check out: Why I shoot lights at night and Time lapse of Iceland’s midnight sun) then this may not be your usual cup of tea. So I’m just going to go ahead and chuck a shot of vodka in it. You’ve been warned. I won’t give too much more away. Just watch it:


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