Put Foot Rally 2013: Namibia's graveyard car collection

Posted by Tyson Jopson on 22 June 2013

It’s day five of the 2013 Put Foot Rally and so far, well, it’s been everything you could want in an epic Southern Africa road trip. There have been some surprises, a few break downs, a wild Checkpoint Party at Toshari Lodge (see all the pics here) and, of course, roads for miles. Despite the break downs all crews are still in the rally. Some hitched rides with other crews, others did a few roadside fixes and one team even went home to get another car. It’s testament to the indefatigable spirit of the crews on the rally.

We have just been in Etosha for an incredible day of widlife sightings (pics coming soon) and as we make our way out of Namibia and head for the next checkpoint in Zambia I’m a little sad to be moving on. There’s just something about this place that’s special. I’m not sure if it’s the quiet, the space or the landscape (probably all three) but Nam always seems to surprise me. This year we stopped at Canyon Roadhouse near Fish River Canyon and last night we were camped at Roy’s Rest Camp just outside Grootfontein (which is on the bill to be one of the checkpoints for the upcoming Mzanzi Trophy. If you haven’t heard about it, find out more about the Mzanzi Trophy here). Both of these stops have a unique feature in common: classic cars. From rusted old half-buckets to buffed-out retros, they form part of the scenery and add so much character I couldn’t help but put together a collection of my favourites:

I’m pretty sure there many other places in Namibia where cars have gone to die, some with more dignity than others. If you know of any, let me know below. I would love to check them out sometime.

Follow the @PutFootRally on Twitter, check out the hashtag #PutFootRally (warning: may induce a severe case of fomo) and myself @TysonJopson as the adventure continues …


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