Week 1: top entries from Expect #theUnexpected photo competition

Posted on 1 April 2014

All sorts of weird things happen when you’re travelling – and if you really want to capture them, there often isn’t time to reach for the camera bag. That’s what your smartphone is for!


We’re giving away three Manfrotto Klyps with Orms as part of the Expect #theUnexpected photo competition. What’s a Klyp, you say? This is a Klyp! The competition has been running for a week (you can enter here), and we’ve had some awesome submissions already …

Top entries from Expect #theUnexpected photo competition


1. Lynley Mitchell: “My boys all sitting still for a moment taking in the beautiful scenery around them.”

expect the unexpected, happy boys


2. Natalie Roos: “Landing in Mumbai and seeing a group of men squatting and ‘doing their bathroom business’ on a trash dump right next to the runway was unexpected in itself… but falling head-over-heels in love with that city was the true #TheUnexpected experience.”

expect the unexpected, delhi, plane


3. Dave Punam: “I was in PE last month & found this rose just lying on the beach. Definitely didn’t expect to see that, it was beautiful & also so mysterious. There was definitely a story behind it!”

expect the unexpected, rose, beach


4. Janine Loeldoff: “I threw this snowball at my partner and realised too late that it was about to hit my iPhone!”

expect the unexpected, snowball


5. Debbie Van As: “This photo was taken at Sand River Getaway in the Eastern Cape. We were looking forward to exploring the area and were just about to set off for a nice long walk, when not even a minute into our walk, we came across this huge web and golden orb spider.”

expect the unexpected, spider,


6. Brigid Prinsloo: “Did not expect to see floating bodies in the Ganges, India.” 

expect the unexpected, ganges


7. Joshua K: “Learning to skimboard!”

expect the unexpected, skimboard, sunset,

8. Lynley Mitchell: “Last night in Auckland… with three kids, a motorhome and no where to park it! Unexpected best view to wake up to ever…”

expect the unexpected, caravan


9. Fabiana de Farias: “Eisbein on wheels anyone? Photo taken in Angola, so many surprises everyday!”

expect the unexpected,


10. Dave Punam: “I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to view the late Nelson Mandela’s body as it lay in state at the Union Buildings in December last year. I have never seen so many people in my entire life! I did not expect the thousands & thousands of people that I saw! It was AMAZING! It was an experience I will NEVER forget! I managed to quickly snap this panoramic shot with my iPhone as we were waiting in the spiraling line to view Tata Madiba’s body.”

expect the unexpected, madiba


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