10 Epic Things To Do in Greyton

Posted on 15 September 2023 By Nelson Kalula

Nestled amidst history and heritage, Greyton is a testament to time’s tales and today’s tantalizing tastes. Tracing its origins to the Hessequas, Greyton weaves a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be uncovered.

Beyond its historical allure, this charming town tempts the palate with world-class chocolates and culinary gems. From quaint cafes to gourmet establishments, every bite in Greyton promises a flavour journey. Dive into this vibrant enclave, where the past meets the present, and every corner holds an enchanting promise of discovery. Your unforgettable Greyton escape awaits.

Things to do in Greyton - Main street

1. Saturday Morning Market

Every Saturday, Greyton’s Market Square hums with the vibrant energy of its famed Morning Market. The community converges, offering homemade and handcrafted gems from Greyton and the neighbouring Overberg villages. From the freshest foods perfect for picnics to artisanal crafts, there’s a discovery at every stall.

With vendors donating 10% of their proceeds to the Greyton Conservation Society, every purchase echoes a commitment to the environment. Delight in artisan cheeses, homemade yoghurt, and traditional biltong or explore unique crafts and pet goodies. Greyton’s Saturday Morning Market is truly the essence of the town’s spirit.

2. Oak & Vigne Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Greyton since 1998, Oak & Vigne Café stands as a timeless retreat. Adorned with quaint décor and vintage keepsakes, its ambience is a warm embrace of nostalgia. Whether sipping a robust coffee beside a crackling fireplace or indulging in sumptuous meals under the courtyard’s open sky, every moment here is a sensory journey.

With a kitchen helmed by a passionate chef and a team ready to craft gastronomic wonders, the experience is only heightened by a staff eager to cater to your whims. And for the little adventurers? A sprawling play area with a jumping castle awaits, making Oak & Vigne a tapestry of cherished memories for all ages.

3. Greyton Nature Reserve

Greyton’s Nature Reserve unfolds as a tapestry of nature’s wonders, where trails meander through bursts of vibrant fynbos and wildflower displays, especially radiant in the spring embrace. The famed Greyton-McGregor trail promises a day of invigorating adventure. However, those seeking a softer introduction can tread the initial 5 km, easily accessible from the Greyton Information Bureau, sans permit.

Encompassing a vast 2,220 hectares in the embrace of the Riviersonderend Mountain Catchment, the reserve paints a mesmerizing canvas against a backdrop of majestic mountains. Embark on the Platkloof trail and be rewarded with panoramic vistas, capturing the essence of Greyton, Abdolskop, and Perdekop.

4. Stony Point Nature Reserve

Just an hour’s drive from Greyton, on the shores of Betty’s Bay, lies the enchanting Stony Point Nature Reserve, a coastal gem for those with a penchant for nature’s wonders.

This serene hideaway is home to a bustling African Penguin colony, astonishingly the third-largest in the world. Meander along a thoughtfully designed boardwalk, bringing you up close and personal with these delightful tuxedoed birds as they play and preen in their natural environment.

But it’s not just about the penguins. Let your gaze wander, and you might spot the majestic Crowned Cormorant, the regal Cape Cormorant, or the elusive Bank Cormorant, all of whom have chosen the outer rocks as their nesting sanctuaries. The skies above are often graced by the elegant dance of Hartlaub’s and Kelp Gulls, while the cheeky Rock Hyrax often appears on land.

Beyond its natural allure, Stony Point whispers tales of its historic past, with remnants of the old Waaygat Whaling Station as silent witnesses to bygone days. After your explorations, refuel with delectable treats and refreshing drinks at the neighbouring restaurant, completing your immersive coastal experience.

5. Von Geusau Chocolate

 Things to do in Greyton - Von Geusau Chocolate

Photo by Rachel Robinson

Embark on a sensory journey with Greyton’s Von Geusau Chocolates, where artisanal craftsmanship melds with the finest ingredients, creating confections of pure bliss. Every bite reveals the artistry of hand-selected ingredients: the creaminess of fresh cream, the crunch of roasted nuts, and the allure of exotic liqueurs.

Distinctively adventurous, the Von Geusau range dares to flirt with spicy and aromatic twists, carving its niche in the confectionery world. Esteemed hotels and wine estates tip their hats to this chocolatier’s prowess. Notably, a collaborative dance with wine maestro Kevin Arnold of Waterford Wines has orchestrated unparalleled wine and chocolate symphonies.

Every palate has a flavour narrative, from the silkiness of milk chocolate slabs to the opulent embrace of white and the bold intensity of dark. Dive into avant-garde creations like holistic CBD-infused delights or guilt-free, sugarless marvels that refuse to skimp on taste. And for a South African touch? The delightful Meerkat range awaits, celebrating the nation’s signature tastes.

6. Werner Smith Art Gallery

Step into the Werner Smith Art Gallery and immerse yourself in a realm where brushstrokes tell tales of profound emotion. Here, Werner Smith, a masterful contemporary portraitist, captures the intricate tapestry of the human spirit on canvas.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Alex Kavinsky and Christian Hook, Werner’s foray into the art world found roots in the rich soils of South Africa in 1972. Born with an eye that thirsted for beauty, the vast expanse of the African veld unexpectedly fanned his artistic flames during his tenure as a game ranger and lodge manager.

In a transformative moment in 2015, Werner allowed the canvas to become his sanctuary. Within a year, art was no longer a passion but his chosen vocation. His meteoric rise saw him grace the finals of New York’s esteemed Artbox Projects 1.0 by 2018.

Now, with pieces adorning renowned spaces like Saatchi Art, Werner continues to paint his legacy in the heart of Greyton.

7. Greyton Village Historic Walk

Step back in time with Greyton Village’s Historic Walk, where every cobblestone and brick echoes tales from bygone eras.

Upon entering Greyton via Main Road, you’re greeted by the Library, a sentinel of history and the town’s second eldest structure. Once filled with the laughter and learning of an Anglican Church school, it’s a nostalgic nod to simpler times.

A few steps further, the Mays family home emerges, whispering tales of lifetimes lived and memories forged.

Then, there’s the Post House, an emblem of National Heritage. Since 1860, this historic jewel has worn many hats, from a bustling trading store to Greyton’s inaugural Post Office.

Saunter into Vigne Lane, where the age-old mud-brick edifices stand as a testament to Greyton’s foundational years. As history gives way to the present, you’ll find yourself amidst the contemporary charms of the village centre. Here, Via’s deli beckons, and the Village Business Centre stands tall, a vestige of 1925, once celebrated as the Central Hotel Inn.

Your journey continues down Grey Street and culminates at Vlei Street, home to Greyton’s meticulously restored sheep kraal. With these landmarks and countless more awaiting discovery, this historic promenade promises a rich blend of past and present.

8. Abbey Rose (Greyton)

Photo by Rachel Robinson

Tucked into the heart of Greyton, Abbey Rose stands as an enduring culinary landmark, with over two decades of dishing out gastronomic wonders. This family-run haven is more than just a restaurant; it’s a tapestry of Greyton’s rich community spirit and culinary heritage.

On their menu, South African culinary tales come alive. Relish the rich, slow-cooked oxtail, savour the gamey goodness of kudu pie, or let the succulent lamb shank melt in your mouth. And for those with a penchant for classics, the steak, ribs, and chicken come with that distinctive Abbey Rose twist.

Dining here is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. The serene garden backdrop adds an alfresco charm, making every bite a moment to cherish.

And for the wine aficionados? Abbey Rose has curated a selection of South Africa’s finest vinos, reasonably priced and perfect for every palate. At Abbey Rose, you’re not just dining but embarking on a South African culinary odyssey.

9. Craft beer tastings at Old Potter’s Inn

Nestled in the quaint heart of Greyton lies the Old Potter’s Country Inn and Brewpub, an artisanal haven for beer enthusiasts and culinary wanderers alike. This storied establishment is not just a dining spot; it’s where craft beer magic happens, brewed passionately on-site and waiting to dance on your palate.

Operating from Wednesday to Saturday, both for those midday cravings and evening feasts, the inn offers three distinct ambiences, each capturing the essence of Greyton. Whether you choose the front porch with its village views, the cosy interiors with a crackling fireplace, or the tranquil courtyard for an open-air experience, you’re in for a treat.

On the menu? A symphony of flavours awaits. From gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas to the juiciest steaks, every dish promises a culinary journey. But if hops and malt aren’t your thing, the inn’s impressive array of wines, gins, and spirits promises to quench your thirst.

And for those eager to dive deep into the world of beers, The Old Potter’s Inn offers a curated tasting experience. With five staple beers and periodic seasonal concoctions on tap, it’s a tasting adventure that beckons. So, pull up a chair and soak in the rustic allure of Greyton at The Old Potter’s Brewhouse.

10. Ears Donkey Sanctuary

In the heart of Greyton lies a tale of resilience, compassion, and enduring bonds: the EARS Donkey Sanctuary. This heartwarming initiative sprouted from the adversity a vegetable-loving donkey named Genevieve faced. When confronted with hardship, Jo Sedgwick, a passionate equestrian, stepped forward, offering refuge to Genevieve and her foal, Satchmo, on her farm. And so, EARS was born.

From those humble beginnings, the sanctuary has flourished. Today, it serves as a haven for 22 adored donkeys and many horses needing temporary care. Each resident, be it the spirited Ella, the gentle giant Max, or the inseparable pair, Satchmo and Genevieve, has a story to share.

Supporting EARS’ noble mission is a quaint shop in Greyton’s bustling centre, brimming with carefully curated preloved items. Proceeds from every purchase fortify their commitment as a registered NPO, ensuring continued rescue and rehabilitation endeavours. Donations and kind-hearted patrons breathe life into this sanctuary, solidifying its role as a beacon of hope and testament to the profound connection between humans and these soulful animals.

When in Greyton, swing by to meet this enchanting donkey family. It’s a journey of discovery, empathy, and heartwarming tales waiting to be shared.


Pictures: Getaway Gallery


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