10 Top Things to do in Roodepoort

Posted on 27 October 2023 By Tia Sauls

Welcome to Roodepoort, a vibrant city in South Africa that offers an array of exciting experiences. Suppose you’re looking for the top 10 things to do in Roodepoort, whether you’re a nature lover, art enthusiast, or a craft beer connoisseur. In that case, Roodepoort has something to delight every traveller. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top ten attractions that make Roodepoort a must-visit destination. From the serene Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden to the historic Mandela House, we’ll take you on a journey through the heart of this dynamic city. Let’s dive in and discover the treasures that Roodepoort has to offer.

1. Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden South Africa

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden South Africa - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @ Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden South Africa

Nestled in the heart of Roodepoort, the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden is a true escape from the bustling life of Johannesburg. This expansive sanctuary spans nearly 300 hectares, offering a blend of meticulously landscaped gardens and untouched veld, creating a birdwatcher’s paradise and a cherished picnic destination for residents of Gauteng.

Guided tours take you along the captivating Roodekrans Ridge and through the Nature Reserve section of the garden. Notably, the dam and its wetland area, complete with a bird hide, are captivating, especially as the sun sets just before the gates close for the day. Ample-shaded lawns provide the perfect setting for Jo’burgers to spend leisurely days indulging in picnics they bring along themselves. The garden’s nursery is a treasure trove of indigenous plants, and children can explore the vast lawn areas for picnicking and relaxation. The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden is your escape into nature’s embrace.

2. Florida Lake

Florida Lake Johannesburg - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @Florida Lake Johannesburg

Nestled in Roodepoort’s suburban tranquillity just south of the railway line, Florida Lake is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Its serene bird sanctuary, set around a picturesque lake, attracts birdwatchers. The park offers a putt-putt course, a recently restored Olympic-sized pool, and an adventure park for children, making it a vibrant spot on public holidays.

Surrounded by residential areas on the north and parklands to the east and west, Florida Lake serves as a green oasis in densely built Johannesburg. While it may not receive the same attention as some other parks, it remains a cherished escape for the Florida community, enhancing weekends with its natural beauty and inviting atmosphere.

3. Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Kloofendal Nature Reserve - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Nestled west of Johannesburg’s city centre, the 110-hectare Kloofendal Nature Reserve in the Kloofendal suburb offers a captivating natural escape. It features craggy quartzite outcrops and highveld vegetation and has historical significance as the site of the first gold mine from 1884. The restored old mining shafts are now national monuments, enriching the area’s heritage.

The reserve invites visitors to explore various walking trails, some of which are guided by qualified field guides. A serene dam with a bird hide, ideal for birdwatching, adds to the park’s charm. Picnic areas and a stone amphitheatre for event rentals make it a versatile destination for outdoor leisure and cultural enrichment. Come and experience Kloofendal Nature Reserve’s unique blend of history and natural beauty in the heart of Johannesburg.

4. Wilgeheuwel Extreme Park

In 2007, the city performed a remarkable transformation, turning an empty plot of land into the 1.22-hectare Wilgeheuwel Extreme Park near Little Falls, Roodepoort. This park now features lush landscaping, a children’s play area, a mini soccer field, a captivating fountain, and abundant trees, mirroring the trend of popular television series showcasing extreme makeovers of homes and gardens.

The city’s dedication to this project was evident as approximately 200 employees worked tirelessly for just one day to create this green oasis in an area previously characterised by a lack of open spaces due to the surge in townhouse complexes. This innovative approach to park creation was replicated in other locations, such as Diepkloof, Protea Glen, Claremont, Pimville, and Mongameli Park, with the Diepkloof Xtreme Park earning City Parks a gold award from the United Nations’ International Liveable Communities competition, underscoring the success of this transformative endeavour.

5. Alice Art Gallery

Alice Art Gallery - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @Alice Art Gallery

Alice Pitzer, the dedicated owner of Alice Art Gallery, is an avid art enthusiast, eager to share her passion and cultivate a deeper appreciation for diverse artworks within her inviting space. Travellers from around the globe visit to explore the remarkable collection and engage in art auctions.

The gallery also houses a charming on-site café serving delightful treats and baked goods, making it an ideal companion to your cup of tea or coffee. The café’s enchanting ambience makes it a popular venue for various events, from parties to baby showers. When in Roodepoort, a visit is a must; you won’t be disappointed.

6. Two Okes Brewery

Two Okes Brewery - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @ twookesbrewery

Savouring the perfect beer goes beyond just the taste and brewing process; it’s about forging friendships, sharing laughter, and creating lasting memories. This is precisely the winning essence of Two Okes. This venture emerged from a deep friendship when two buddies, casually referred to as “okes” in local slang, gathered around a barbecue, sipping homemade brews and pondering the meaning of life. Today, it is a modern brewery that proudly showcases an array of fantastic flavours crafted from the freshest ingredients. But beneath it all, those two steadfast friends are still committed to their enduring camaraderie and the craft beers that fuel it.

The craft beer selection at Two Okes encompasses a wide range, ensuring there’s something for everyone, offering enthusiasts the complete spectrum of flavours, intensities, and finishes.

7. 14th Avenue District

14th Avenue District - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @14th Avenue District Shopping Centre

Roodepoort, centrally situated in Gauteng and intricately woven into the tapestry of Johannesburg’s urban sprawl, houses the 14th Avenue District – a commodious shopping haven. This expansive centre features anchor stores like Ackermans, Pep, Checkers Hyper, and House and Home, alongside a diverse range of shops, including Betta Biltong, Signature Cosmetics, Sheet Street, and Uncle Joe’s Flower Shop, as well as banks, salons, and multiple dining options, totalling 30 shops.

The mall offers seamless access to major Johannesburg areas via well-connected highways, ample cost-free parking, and 24/7 security, ensuring shoppers can enjoy their visit with peace of mind.

8. Nambitha African Cuisine

Nambitha African Cuisine - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @Nambitha African Cuisine

Nambitha, a South African gem, charms locals and international visitors with its authentic and enchanting experience. Nestled in Soweto, one of the country’s largest townships, this beloved restaurant offers a modern ambience and an innovative menu bursting with fresh flavours. You’ll savour the best in traditional cuisine while being surrounded by captivating photographs from renowned photographers Peter Magubane and Jurgen Schadeburg.

Located on the Soweto tourist trail, Nambitha stands on the historic Vilakazi Street, once home to Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. To secure your spot amid this popular sightseeing destination, it’s wise to make reservations for lunch or weekend visits and avoid any potential disappointment.

9. Mandela House

Mandela House - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @ Mandela House

Mandela House, nestled in Soweto, is a museum dedicated to preserving the Mandela family’s legacy. Explore President Mandela’s life journey and his struggle for human rights and mutual respect in South Africa.

This historical residence, where Mandela lived from 1946 to around 1990, now stands as a national monument under the care of the Soweto Heritage Trust. It is a major attraction for both tourists and locals, offering a glimpse into the life of this iconic figure.

10. Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

Credo Mutwa Cultural Village - things to do in Roodepoort

Source: Facebook / @Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

Nestled in the heart of Soweto, the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village stands as a true gem waiting to be discovered. It’s a captivating destination that beckons visitors from across the globe, offering an immersive experience that delves deep into African cultures and beliefs, seamlessly merging them with contemporary ideals. This unique outdoor exhibition area seamlessly blends with a museum-style setup, a tribute to the remarkable works and inspirations of Credo Mutwa.

Credo Mutwa, an accomplished artist and traditional healer, has dedicated decades to creating profound artworks. Renowned for his sculptures and architectural creations, he employs them as powerful mediums to convey personal and political messages. He deftly intertwines traditional African folklore and techniques with modern concepts and Western influences, a striking juxtaposition finding its zenith in his private collection between 1974 and 1986. This period coincided with the height of the apartheid era and a backdrop of significant global transformations, both social and political.

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