Video: The Thousand Year Journey – Oregon to Patagonia

Posted on 12 October 2015

It’s that time of year when I start to think about the months gone by, and the prospect of a new year just around the corner. Did I achieve all I had in mind for 2015? Did I see a bit more of the world? Learn just a little bit more about it and myself? Perhaps, perhaps not. But when I see videos like this I’m filled with inspiration to keep on pushing the limits, keep on looking for new ways to do amazing, life-changing things at every opportunity.

The Thousand Year Journey
As Jed says: “I hope that this film is a healthy nudge for people to shake up their lives a little bit.”

He decided to quit his job and ride his bicycle north to south through the Americas. As he is also quick to point out, life changing decisions don’t have to be quite so grand – each to their own and all that. Nevertheless, “if you’re afraid of a decision ahead of you, you’re probably on the right track. Choose it.”


The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia from Kenny Laubbacher on Vimeo.


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