10 Best Places to Visit in Montagu

Posted on 21 February 2024

Step into a world where time slows down, inviting you to savor Montagu’s rich cultural tapestry and commitment to preserving its heritage. Here, the warmth of the town’s people, the purity of the air, and the serene vibe encapsulate the essence of Montagu, nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa, a scenic 180 kilometers from Cape Town. As we explore the heart of this enchanting town, we’ll uncover the top Places to Visit in Montagu, each offering its unique allure

Originally named Agter Cogman’s Kloof and linked by the historic Cogman’s Kloof, bears the name of John Montagu, the Cape Colony’s former secretary. It’s a sanctuary celebrated for its breathtaking mountain vistas, bountiful orchards, mesmerizing rock formations, and rejuvenating hot mineral springs, surrounded by the majestic Langeberg mountains. The town is a treasure trove of architectural marvels and historic edifices, waiting for you to explore.

1. Montagu Village Market

Places to Visit in Montagu - Montagu Village Market

Picture: Facebook / @Montagu Village Market

Among the top Places to Visit in Montagu is the Montagu Village Market, where the community’s heart beats with vibrancy every Saturday. From 8:30 to 12:30, Montagu Village Market at Euvrard Park becomes the heart of the town, offering a lively scene where locals and visitors come together. The market is a feast for the senses with its array of fresh coffee, breakfast treats, freshly baked goods, and a variety of local flavors including spicy sauces, creamy hummus, and award-winning olive oil. It’s not just about food; the market is also a place to explore artistic crafts, vintage finds, and unique gifts, making it the highlight of Montagu’s weekend.

The market is an opportunity to dive into Montagu’s vibrant community life, where the air buzzes with the scent of fresh bread and the charm of hand-crafted jewelry and decor. From the delicious taste of home-baked delicacies like koeksisters and rusks to the visual appeal of wire and bead art, the Village Market encapsulates the essence of Montagu, making Saturdays truly special and memorable for everyone who visits.

Address: 30 Bath St, Bergsig

2. The Kloof Padstal

Places to Visit in Montagu - Kloof Padstal

Picture: Facebook / @Die Kloof Padstal, Montagu

Another gem in the list of Places to Visit in Montagu is The Kloof Padstal, greeting visitors with its sunny facade and a taste of local hospitality. This spot offers a treasure trove of healthy, delicious snacks, including dried fruits, nuts, and biltong, encapsulating the essence of small-town hospitality in its vibrant offerings and warm atmosphere.

Situated beside stunning views of the Keisie River and Bloupunt Mountain, the Kloof Padstal has become a cherished stop for both travelers and locals. It’s an idyllic place to relax, enjoy a hearty meal, and explore a wide range of locally produced goods. The padstal’s serene environment, coupled with a playground for kids, makes it an ideal spot for families to unwind and soak in Montagu’s natural beauty.

Address: 1 Long St, Montagu

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3. Montagu Leiwater Dam

Nestled in the heart of Montagu at the intersection of Barry and Bath Streets, the Leidam is a renowned birdwatching paradise, easily accessible and beloved by tourists. This charming spot is a sanctuary for a wide array of indigenous birds, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and ornithologists alike. With its 18 resident bird species, including the Sacred Ibis, Herons, Cormorants, Egrets, Shrikes, and Weavers, the Leidam offers a vibrant tableau of bird life in its natural habitat, further enriched by over 52 visiting species that have been cataloged here, capturing the imagination and lenses of photographers from around the world.

The recent addition of a bird hide, a project entirely funded by the local community, has elevated the Leidam’s status as a premier destination for birdwatchers globally. This thoughtful enhancement allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of this unique urban bird sanctuary, witnessing the natural spectacle of breeding and visiting birds in seclusion. Recognized as a unique phenomenon, the Leidam stands out as an exceptional urban setting where bird enthusiasts can converge to celebrate and observe the rich avian biodiversity that Montagu has to offer.

Address: 13 Barry St, Montagu

4. Konkelwyn Wine bar

Picture: Facebook / @Konkelwyn

Konkelwyn at the Vic stands out as Montagu’s premier wine bar, offering an exceptional tasting experience that showcases the region’s finest. With an impressive selection of local Klein Karoo wines, craft varieties, and extraordinary cocktails crafted from locally distilled spirits, it’s a place where every palate finds its delight.

As you relax in this inviting atmosphere, the timeless tunes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles spin on an original record player, adding an authentic touch to your visit. Guests are encouraged to bring their own LPs or make special requests, making each visit uniquely personal. Stepping into Konkelwyn at the Vic isn’t just about enjoying a glass of wine; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and stories of the region and its people, making each sip a discovery of Montagu’s unique charm.

Address: 35 Bath St, Bergsig, Montagu

5. Badskloof Trail

The Badskloof Trail in Montagu is a scenic 2.2-kilometer journey that links the renowned hot springs to Eyssenhuis/Ou Meul at Joubertpark, offering an enjoyable one-hour walk. This trail is a feast for the senses, featuring spectacular rock formations, a rich variety of bird life for enthusiasts, and opportunities for sport climbing for the adventurous. It’s important to note that the trail’s path may vary due to occasional flooding since 1981, with the current route being a rough guide. An entry fee is required at both ends of the trail, ensuring all visitors are permitted to explore this beautiful part of Montagu.

Embarking on the Badskloof Trail not only allows for a moderate trek amidst nature’s wonders but also offers a unique chance to immerse oneself in the area’s natural beauty. The trail is perfect for those looking to explore the outdoors, with its diverse bird species making it a haven for birdwatchers and the rock formations and climbing routes appealing to those seeking a bit of adventure. Remember to secure your entry by paying the fee and obtaining a permit at the entrance to Joubertpark, setting the stage for a memorable experience in Montagu’s great outdoors.

Address: Tanner St, Montagu

6. Hicks Art Galllery

Picture: Facebook / @Hicks Art Gallery

Richard and Joy Hickman have transformed their residence at 9 Joubert Street, Montagu, into an inviting fine art gallery, welcoming visitors daily from 8am to 6pm, with exceptions only for emergencies. The gallery boasts an array of artworks from various artists, with Richard primarily showcasing his vibrant watercolor pieces that are known for their diversity and lively compatibility with everyday living spaces.