8 Heavenly Bath-Soaking Getaways

Posted on 13 April 2018

Watching the waters rise at these heavenly baths will fill you with serenity and gratitude. Choose from a range of spas or outdoor baths. Get in for a light soak or lounge out until you’re soft and wrinkly. There’s nothing quite like a luxurious bubble bath to help you relax and unwind. Whether you’re trying to relieve stress after a long day or simply want to pamper yourself, a bubble bath can be just what you need. Plus, it’s a great way to get a full-body massage. Many spas offer special deals for full-body massages in Cape Town, so you can enjoy the benefits of a bubble bath without having to spend a fortune. So go ahead and treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath tonight. You deserve it!

Water save: You’ll be saving the city approximately 100 litres of water.
Water-Smart weekend save: A Water-Smart weekend for two is estimated to save the city around 770 litres of water.


1. Caledon Hot Baths

Location: Caledon
Contact: 0282549564
Website: www.greytontourism.com


Caledon Accommodation

Black Eagle Lodges
Contact: 0282122113
Website: www.blackeaglelodge.co.za

Town and Country Guesthouse
Contact: 0845065239
Website: www.town-and-country.co.za

Stone Cottage at Glen Oakes
Contact: 0282122050
Website: www.glenoakes.co.za


2. Fijnbos Lodge and Spa

Location: Betty’s Bay
Contact: 0741943427
Website: fijnboslodgeandspa.co.za


Betty’s Bay Accommodation

Van Den Berg’s Guesthouse and B&B 
Contact: 0282729039
Website: Book here

Contact: 0825589797
Website: www.booking.com

Seascape Cottage 
Contact: 0282729261
Website: www.capestay.co.za


3. Avalon Springs Hotel and Spa Resort

Location: Montagu
Contact: 0236141150
Website: www.avalonsprings.co.za

Montagu Accommodation

The Vineyard Country House 
Contact: 0236143803
Website: www.thevineyardcountryhouse.co.za

Klein Nektar – B&B 
Contact: 0715062810
Website: www.kleinnektar.com

Montagu Vines 
Contact: 0236143812
Website: www.montaguvines.co.za


4. Little Riverside Spa

Location: Bredasdorp
Contact: 0794562430
Website: Facebook/LittleRiverSideSpa


Bredasdorp Accommodation

Bredasdorp Square
Contact: 0284251420
Website: bredasdorpsquare.co.za

Bredasdorp Country Manor 
Contact: 0828974737
Website: bredasdorpcountrymanor.co.za

Firlane House 
Contact: 0721106891
Website: firlanehouse.co.za


5. Rain Milkwood Spa

Location: Stanford
Contact: 0763132814
Website: www.mosaicsouthafrica.com


Stanford Accommodation

Stanford Valley Guest Farm 
Contact: 0721980862
Website: www.stanfordvalley.co.za

Elephant Hills 
Contact: 0216897824
Website: www.wheretostay.co.za

Contact: 0822130512
Website: www.reiersvlei.co.za


6. Arniston Spa Hotel

Location: Arniston
Contact: 0214459000
Website: www.arnistonhotel.com


Arniston Accommodation

Pirate Hill 
Contact: 0833055140
Website: www.arniston-letting.co.za

Whale House 
Contact: 0833055140
Website: www.arniston-letting.co.za


7. Southernmost Spa

Location: Struisbaai
Contact: 0636166993
Website: Find them on Facebook

Struisbaai Accommodation

Bitter Aangenaam 
Contact: 0860022102
Website: www.travelground.com

Harbour House 
Contact: 0829292353
Website: www.harbourhousestruisbaai.co.za

Rising Wave Guesthouse 
Contact: 0847823486
Website: www.risingwave.co.za


8. Rain Spa

Location: Swellendam
Contact: 0285142926/27
Website: www.rainafrica.com


Swellendam Accommodation

Schooner Oordt 
Contact: 0285141248
Website: www.schooneoordt.co.za

Swellendam Country Lodge 
Contact: 0285143629
Website: www.swellendamlodge.com

Rothman Manor 
Contact: 0285142771
Website: www.rothmanmanor.co.za

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