The best part about Kruger National Park? We asked and you answered

Posted by Anita Froneman on 19 May 2021

South Africans love the Kruger National Park with a fierce passion. The main reason we go there, of course, is to view the incredible wildlife.

But the bush provides more than spectacular game viewing. It’s not just another holiday. A visit to the Kruger is an immersive experience that revives the body and soul after long weeks of navigating concrete jungles.

So we asked: What is your favourite part about going to Kruger National Park, aside from seeing wildlife? Here’s what you had to say.

The best part about Kruger National Park? We asked and you answered

-Definitely the smell of the bush. Driving slow and breathing deep. Condensed milk coffee before the sun is up and skottel breakfasts at the picnic sites. Oh… and the stars.

-Actually just after having settled in. The peace and quiet, the new routine for the next few days. The first visit to the shop at camp. Taking time to just BE. Preparing for our first sightseeing drive. That unique, unmistakable smell of campfires. Audible chatter of neighbours. Audacious birds visiting our stoep for crumbs and snacks… There’s nothing like the first few hours at KNP.

-Crisp early morning fresh air, cup of tea. Early morning birds chirping. The smell of firewood.. tall trees and the beautiful glow of the sun on their leaves…. aaaah I’m missing it already

-The night sky…all the stars, fire, listening to the night sounds…waiting for that first whoop of a hyena or the call of a lion looking for his pride. No man-made noises only nature.

-Just the anticipation of seeing something amazing, be it big or small!

-Being in touch with nature and the suppers around a fire at night,in complete safety

-Brunch on a skottle at a picnic sight, sunrise and sunset, the smell of the bush, the sounds. Amarula coffee. The incredible crocodile riverine vegetation. The excitement every day when you set out as you never know what’s around the next corner

-The smell of the bush, the hoot of a scops owl at sunset, the calls of jackal and hyena and the crackling sound of lit braai fires in the camp

-Singing in the car with my family

-The first beer on the deck at Lower Sabie

-My morning flask of coffee

-Getting up early, waiting at the gate in anticipation

-The stillness, the driving for kilometers and not seeing a building, loss of cellphone signal the further away from camp you get!

Do you have any favourite experiences to add? Head over to our Facebook page. 

Picture: SANParks

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