Neighbourhood of the week: Linden, Johannesburg

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Nestled below Northcliff is one of the city’s oldest suburbs. But it has become pretty vibey lately. Store owner Kevin Stuart gives us a local’s tour.

Kevin Stuart– Owner of Record Mad

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Kevin started out selling vinyl online from his house in Westdene. When a shop became available at Linden Place, he grabbed it. ‘Record Mad has been open for five years now. Linden has changed so much since then. It was pretty sleepy when I first moved here but has evolved in a very positive way, while keeping its suburban charm and authenticity. It’s an amazing mix, from old lady dress shops to the best biltong in Joburg (Rembrandt Butcher), a tattoo parlour, a cool bookshop (Books Galore), one of the best indoor pools in Joburg and great coffee shops and eateries. It’s a fun place with a lot on offer. Joburg is a far more beautiful city than people give it credit for, with extreme contrasts. I love the people – friendly, interesting and crazy, much like the city itself!’ Linden Place, 59 Fourth Avenue, 0834195912

Grab a coffee

‘I don’t drink coffee but I like Gravity as it’s a little off the beaten track and slightly quieter. It serves solid cafe food, shakes, waffles.’ 51 Fourth Avenue, 0118883810 ‘But for coffee lovers, you can’t beat The Argentinian.’ Fourth Avenue, corner of Seventh Street, 0118889759

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Local cuisine

‘This is a tough question as there are so many good places to eat [in Fourth Avenue] … sticky ribs at Brian Lara (No. 56), pizza from Satori (61A), tacos at El Jalapeno, deluxe sandwiches from The Whippet (corner of Seventh Street). You could eat at a different place every day of the week’.

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Unique finds

Ceramic Factory has some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen. Darth Vader, skulls, penguins – it’s all there and worth checking out.’ 59 Fourth Avenue, 0110574314

Social Scene

‘Steampunk-themed Choo Choo Junction has a good selection of craft beers and is a great spot to chill.’ 57 Fourth Avenue, 0729103000. Brian Lara Rum Eatery is a popular, vibey watering hole for after work – and it has lots of cocktails.’ 56 Fourth Avenue, 0763209739

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Old Linden

Chris Schutte of ICS Estate Agency

‘Linden has always felt like a village to me. I am now 74 years old – we moved here when I was five. It was very farm orientated, lots of smallholdings – Linden was known countrywide for its peach orchards. Back then, property stands were subdivided into three to be shops. My parents started this business about 65 years ago and two of my children are now in it. My only grandchild is the third generation, and he’s at the school I went to. I remember our headmaster, Mr Koos, used to herd his Jersey cow onto the rugby field to graze. Over the years, Linden began to develop. This has brought about change, introducing shopping centres and more restaurants and housing. But it’s still such a wonderful area; it doesn’t have a city atmosphere.’

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