50 000 litres of red wine flows like a river in Spain

Posted on 27 September 2020

A Spanish winery lost close to 50 000 litres of wine when a massive tank exploded, causing torrents of red wine to pour out onto the countryside. A video, showing the tank exploding and the booze leaking out uncontrollably, has since gone viral and been viewed more than 8-million times.

The incident unfolded at Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Villamalea, central Spain and caused a river of wine to leak along the roadside. Local reports indicate that the horrendous spill, which surely cost the vineyards thousands of euros, was caused when one of the steel tanks broke.

An estimated 50,000 litres of booze, which included grape varietals of bobal and tempranillo which create a an ‘intense dark cherry colour’, were lost in the spill. It is unclear what environmental impact the wine will have on the area.

In the video wine can be seen flowing around cars, tractors and onto a nearby field.

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