Mango says they are in crucial discussions to keep them flying

Posted on 27 September 2020

South Africa is days away from reopening borders to resume international travel, and now travellers face another dilemma. With a limited number of flights operating in the country, it is the worst time to ground more planes, but this may be a reality. South African Airways Technical (SAAT) has said they plan on suspending Mango and SAA flights because of non-payment.

SAA has not resumed flights, even after local travel was permitted. And Mango faces their fleet being grounded if they do not pay millions of rands owed to SAAT.

Travellers who booked flights with Mango Airline over the long weekend are concerned that they might not make it back to their destination if flights are cancelled.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Mango told their passengers that they will operate as per their schedule for now.

“Critical discussions with Mango and SAAT are still continuing today and we are hopeful of a resolution. Updates will be made available as soon as possible. Mango continues to operate as per schedule under these challenging times and all customers are always urged to check Mango’s website for any changes to their flight status. We remain resolute to flying all our Guests to their respective destinations as planned and especially over this weekend.


Picture: Mango Facebook Page

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