It’s a boy! Baby rhino born at Aquila Private Game Reserve

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 7 December 2018

A year ago, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa celebrated the birth of a rhino calf. A year later on the exact same day, they have followed suit. A calf was born on the 27 November 2018. The birth was spotted by the 24-hour rhino surveillance team of the Anti-Poaching Unit.

Aquila brought the first rhino to the Western Cape in 250 years. In February 2005, they announced the birth of the first rhino in the province. In 2011, three rhinos were attacked by poachers and the reserve was left with no male rhino bulls to continue the breeding programme.

In May 2014, a new male rhino bull was added to the herd continue breeding at the reserve. At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Aquila announced the births of four rhino calves at the reserve.

Due to the increase in poaching, Aquila reserves the right not to divulge the number of any species on the reserve. They do celebrate each rhino birth as a success against the fight of extinction.

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa couldn’t be prouder as they announced the rhino birth.

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