New Ashton Arch bridge is moving to its final position

Posted on 13 August 2021

South Africa’s first-ever concrete tied arch bridge constructed using a transverse launching method has been completed. Ashton Arch represents a proud moment for the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works, all the contractors, labourers, and suppliers involved in the project, and especially the people of Ashton-Montagu.

This new bridge has been constructed in the town of Ashton on Trunk Road 31 Sections 2 (start of “Route 62”) crossing the Cogsmanskloof River.

Ashton Arch bridge replaces an existing multi-arch bridge built in the 1930s that unfortunately no longer fulfilled its functional requirements.

The new bridge comprises a cable-supported concrete deck that spans 110 metres between supports with arching ribs rising 22 metres above the asphalt road surface.

The objective behind this project was to reconstruct parts of the Trunk Road Section 2 and 3, from Ashton to Montagu in an attempt to improve traffic, pedestrian safety, and improve the flood capacity of bridges.

The bridge will be launched and moved to its final position on 14 August 2021. The reason for it being built beside its intended position was to minimise the effect construction would have on traffic.

Those who are interested can watch the bridge being moved to its final position at one of three venues.

Venues: Ashton Winery, Platform 62 or Montagu Hotel

Price: R150


Picture: Screenshot of video

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