Bushbaby rescued from illegal sale

Posted on 13 August 2020 By Anita Froneman

The Bloemfontein SPCA rescued a lesser bushbaby after being alerted to an advertisement on social media. The owner was looking to exchange the animal for a cell phone.

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital (JWVH) has since taken in the bushbaby. The animal, a female, was severely underweight, but has gained weight since her arrival.

Bushbaby offered in exchange for cell phone rescued

The bushbaby was kept as a pet, but was malnourished and stressed.

‘We have introduced her to a natural diet and she is progressively gaining weight,’ JWVH said on Facebook.

‘Wildlife are NOT pets. We implore everyone to please notify your nearest SPCA should you know anyone who is keeping and/or selling any indigenous wildlife. As always thank you to the Bloemfontein SPCA for your collaborative spirit and for always looking out for wildlife in need,’ JWVH concluded.

According to the Bloemfontein SPCA, they were informed by members of the public about a post on a community page of someone ‘wanting to trade a monkey for a cellphone.’

‘We were shocked to see that someone is willing to exchange a wild animal for a cellphone!!!’ said the Bloemfontein SPCA.

They proceeded to follow up and went to investigate at the home. ‘We noticed that she haven’t had proper food and that it was not good for her health. There were also no environment enrichment for the poor primate. We explained to the owner what they did is wildlife trading and that is illegal. The primate hasn’t even received the proper food and care.

ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE: This Lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) was advertised on facebook to be exchanged for a cellphone!…

Posted by Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday, 15 July 2020

‘The owner understood that what they did was wrong. The owner who kept the primate (nagapie) as a pet signed the primate (nagapie) over to the SPCA. We know that the nagapie needs special food and needs medical attention. We got into our vehicle and took her to the Johannesburg Wildlife veterinarian Hospital for proper care,’ the SPCA continued.

‘We understand that the primate is a cute animal but, wouldn’t the primate be cuter and happier if she was in the wild. Where she belongs. We as the SPCA believes that all wild animals belong in the wild. Imagine the stress that the primate had to endure living in such condition and not receiving proper food and housing. We ask you, our public to support us in the believe that all wildlife animals belong in the wild and in their natural habitat,’ they added.

Wildlife rehabilitation specialist and director of the hospital Nicci Wright, told Fourways Review that the bushbaby will go into a soft release programme in a suitable and safe habitat, most likely in spring when there are insects available.


Image credit: Facebook/Bloenfontein SPCA

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