Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront announced plans for a desalination plant

Posted by Ashna Brijmohun on 26 November 2021

Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront announced plans for the construction of a desalination plant to ensure a fresh water supply during any future crisis that could affect South Africa’s Mother City.

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Growthpoint Properties has received approval to move forward with the 3.3 megalitre facility, according to News24. Construction is set to begin in the first quarter of 2022, and the entire project is predicted to reach completion in 2024.

This desalination project has supposedly been in the making for the past four years as a preventative measure following Cape Town’s 2018 water crisis brought on by climate change and mismanagement of government infrastructure. The hope is that this project will enable Cape Town to cope with water shortages in the future.

The V&A Waterfront’s status, popularity and location make it the perfect recipient for a new desalination plant that will support Cape Town in handling climate change, maintaining its water supply, and preserving the functionality of the city’s tourism sector.

Picture: Getaway Gallery


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