#CapeStorm is here

Posted by Nandi Majola on 6 June 2017 Tags:

The #CapeStorm has arrived, and if descriptions such as ‘moerse’, ‘helluva’ and ‘mother of a storm’ are any indication, it appears that the best place to be would be indoors.

The closure of Western Cape schools have been announced and although the peak hasn’t been reached yet, #CapeStorm is already being compared to those of 1984 and 2001.

A media release from the Premier’s Office says that winds of up to 90km per hour and rains of up to 50mm should be expected. They have also advised the public to stay off the roads with Disaster Management having contingency plans in place for the areas that might be worst affected.

Despite the warnings, a few Capetonians were not entirely convinced:



Earlier in the day…


Really not convinced?

On a serious note, storms can be dangerous and the potential loss of life is a major concern. Staying off the road and at home is perhaps the most sensible thing to do. Here are safety precautions you can take:

  • Don’t leave your home unnecessarily
  • Make sure your drainage pipes aren’t blocked
  • Fix any leaks
  • Clear gutters
  • Bring in your animals
  • Move your car (and anything else) from under the trees
  • If there is flooding, turn off the gas and electricity
  • Unplug electrical appliances
  • Stock up on candles or keep torches close by

You can also do what you can to help the homeless or those living in informal settlements. The Haven Night Shelters have a campaign where you can buy a bed for one person for R60. There are shelters all over Cape Town. You can also follow this call on Twitter to drop off warm blankets in Paarl:



In emergency situations, save the following numbers:
Life Threatening Emergencies: 0214807700
SAPS Police Service: 10111
CT Disaster Management Centre (floods, fallen trees and rockslides): 0809114357
CT Roads & Stormwater: 0800656463


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Stay warm and safe, everyone!