China to ban farming of dozens of animal species

Posted by Anita Froneman on 12 October 2020

China is in the process of banning the breeding of several animal species. The National Forestry and Grassland Administration announced that 19 wild animal species including hedgehogs, badgers, and guinea pigs may only be farmed for purposes other than consumption (such as scientific research), and 45 other species like bamboo rats, civet cats, and porcupines may not be farmed at all, for any reason.

China to ban farming of dozens of animal species

Hedgehogs are now on the list of species not permitted to be farmed for consumption.

The ban is expected to be in place and effective before the end of 2020.

To be able to breed any of the 19 species for reasons other than consumption, farmers will have to ‘work with relevant departments to formulate management measures and breeding technical specifications, strengthen policy guidance and services, strengthen daily supervision and management, and strictly implement relevant requirements for quarantine,’ the government announcement read.

However, an official from conservation group the Anti-Poaching Crime Squad, Tian Jiangming told Sixth Tone there are still concerns about whether this ban will be implemented correctly, as well as the matter of all the species of wildlife not listed that are still permitted for captive breeding.

‘The wild animal species that remain able to be bred definitely outnumber the (64) species listed,’ he said. ‘We still have concerns. Wild animals bred for purposes other than eating might be secretly sent to restaurants in the absence of adequate supervision.’

Picture: Unsplash


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