Coffee served on shovel in Italy because of coronavirus

Posted on 13 March 2020

Espresso is an essential part of many an Italian’s daily routine and enjoying the brew in a coffee shop is a popular pastime. The spread of the coronavirus in Italy has led to massive restrictions and on Wednesday evening 11 March, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced further shutdowns in the country saying that the only retailers allowed to remain open in Italy will be supermarkets and pharmacies.

All bars, restaurants and beauty salons were ordered to shut their doors until further notice as the death toll in the country breached 1000.

We’re not sure when this video was shot however it shows a bit of humour and resilience in a coffee shop in Florence during the coronavirus outbreak. The video which uploaded on Wednesday 11 March shows an Italian barista serving espresso to a customer on the edge of a shovel in order to keep his distance.

Reactions on social media were generally positive with one Twitter user, Penny Creed saying ‘Italian’s ain’t going to give up their coffee! Great idea though.’

Rhiannon L Cosslett replied to the original tweet saying ‘This is so incredibly Italian, I love it.’

Image: Unsplash

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