Countries South Africans can travel to – and what you need to enter

Posted by Anita Froneman on 21 September 2021

If you’re planning a trip overseas, here’s what you need to know about countries that have opened their borders for South African travellers.

Below are some of the most popular destinations. For information about countries not listed below, search your destination on this Covid-19 Travel Map by Sherpa. 

Note: Getaway has tried to get the most up-to-date information available, but please contact your destination’s government websites for the latest travel updates before travelling. This table will be updated periodically. 

Countries South Africans can visit Negative Covid test result required Proof of vaccination required Quarantine required
Namibia Yes No No
Botswana Yes No No
Mozambique Yes No No
Zambia Yes No No
Zimbabwe Yes No No
Malawi Yes No No
Egypt No Yes No
Mauritius Yes Yes No
Zanzibar Yes No No
Netherlands Yes Yes No
Germany No Yes No
France No Yes No
Austria No Yes No
Montenegro No Yes No
Switzerland No Yes No
Spain No Yes No
Czech Republic No Yes No
Belgium No Yes Yes: testing upon entry. Quarantine until test results received
Ireland No Yes No
Maldives Yes No No
United Arab Emirates Yes No Dependent on state
Mexico No No No
Costa Rica No Yes No
Canada Yes Yes No
United States Yes Yes No
Chile Yes Yes Yes

South Africans returning home after travelling abroad will have to present negative Covid test results, and will be screened for symptoms upon arrival. Travellers who don’t display symptoms will not have to quarantine.

If you are visiting South Africa from abroad, here are the regulations that will apply upon return to your home country. For other countries, search your home country on

Home country Test result required on return Vaccination required on return Quarantine required on return
Namibia Yes No No  (Quarantine 7 days without negative test results)
Botswana Yes No No  (Quarantine 14 days without negative test results)
Mozambique Yes No No (If test result not presented, then quarantine for 14 days)
Zambia Yes No No, unless returning from a ‘high-risk’ country
Zimbabwe Yes No No (Quarantine 10 days without negative test results)
Germany Yes No Yes: 14 days
France No, if vaccinated No (If unvaccinated, negative test results required) Yes: 7 days
UK Yes No Yes: 10 days
Spain No, if vaccinated Yes  (If unvaccinated, negative test results required) No

Picture: Pexels


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