Cross border truck drivers arrested for illegally possessing pangolin

Posted on 23 August 2023

Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation (SOCI) arrested two truck drivers from Zambia for illegally possessing a Pangolin in Primrose, Germiston.

The arrest occurred on 18 August after the Hawks received a tip-off about the suspects.

Hawks spokesperson Warrant Officer Thatohatsi Mavimbela told IOL, ‘When members of the SOCI arrived at the scene, they found the two suspects, who are cross-border truck drivers from Zambia, carrying one pangolin in a carry bag.’

The cross-border truck drivers were charged with illegally possessing an endangered species and violating the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act and will appear in Germiston Magistrate’s Court on 28 August.

illegally possessing pangolin

Picture: Getaway Gallery

According to the World Wildlife Fund, pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammals and continue to face significant threats. This incident highlights the issue of pangolin trafficking driven by a demand for their scales and meat.

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