District Six Homecoming Centre launches Salon Afrique exhibition

Posted on 3 June 2022 By Taylah Strauss

Formerly known as the Fugard Theatre, the District Six Homecoming Centre (HCC) is hosting Salon Afrique – a Homecoming Reimagined – as part of its rebrand as a cultural hub for film, entertainment and art.

The multicultural exhibition draws on the legacy of District Six as a site of memory where diverse identities come together and coexist. It uses Cape Town as a backdrop for viewers to immerse themselves in the homage to these identities, and reflect on history.

The exhibition reflects South African and pan-African voices, and aims to negate cultural invisibility with critical insights into lived experiences.

The exhibition is free to attend and runs until 9 July.

Time: 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Address: The Homecoming Centre, 15A M59, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Pictures: Supplied


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