Do you need a personal travel coach?

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 7 February 2020

The latest travel trend that seems to be gaining traction is having a ‘personal travel coach’ to help you plan and achieve your travel goals.

To you and me this may sound like a glorified travel agent or personal travel assistant. The underlying concept seems to stem from personalising the travel planning process and is meant to add a ‘human touch’ to helping individuals find the travel experience or holiday that best suits them.

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This desire or trend to have bespoke travel and holiday packages likely stems from a other trends that have recently changed the way we journey around the world. This sounds a lot like the niche travel market the likes of Airbnb is trying to target with Airbnb Experiences and Airbnb Adventures.

Numerous studies seem to suggest that millennials and subsequent younger generations, in fact, are after more meaningful experiences and wanting escape the busyness of their modern lives when they go on holiday. If you’re struggling to create that balance, a personal travel coach may be one solution.

Dylan Grace, a former luxury travel journalist-turned-travel coach used to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry for top international publications. Grace believes in closing the gap between travel planning and helping people achieve their personal goals. She claims to help clients gain clarity on the ‘why’ behind their trips, and helps create an itinerary that ‘supports and sustains you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially’.

Born in Johannesburg, Cassandra from has also branched out into this niche travel market. Having relocated around the globe herself, Cassandra’s vision is to inspire people to reconnect with their authentic selves through the power of travel and adventure by embracing fear and welcoming change. She’s currently completing a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. 

Sahara Rose is the founder of the Travel Coaching Network who also extends and applies this philosophy to business and helps create corporate wellness travel retreats.

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