Ellie ‘cuts the cheese’ in front of safari goers

Posted by Anita Froneman on 21 April 2020

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for. One travel content producer, Rogan Kerr, went on a safari at Africa on Foot camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and could barely contain his excitement when their group came upon an elephant herd.

‘We were watching the herd drink from a safe distance, but they surrounded the car making it impossible to move. They were all very chilled with our presence and moved around us without a fuss,’ Kerr says.

His unsuspecting friend took a video of the elephants moving past them, nearly close enough to touch. Then, quite nonchalantly, one ellie lets loose a fart, right by the car!

‘Surrounded by elephants and on a dam wall road, there was no time to try and get out of their way. We just had to sit and watch this wonderful breeding herd move slowly past in their usual graceful fashion… Graceful until she cut the cheese, that is. Thanks Gemma Thomas for capturing this special, albeit somewhat smelly moment,’ Rogan added in his Facebook post.

Poor Rogan’s face says it all. Turn on the sound and watch the hilarious encounter here:

Video: Rogan Roams

Image: Screenshot

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