Emus banned from Australian hotel due to fowl behaviour

Posted by A on 3 August 2020

Well-known emu siblings Carol and Kevin have been banned from a hotel in Queensland, Australia following naughty behaviour that disturbed guests.

The charming Yaraka Hotel is made up of just four rooms, a pub and small campground. The residents emus in the area were once welcomed and could be seen roaming the grounds and popping their heads through windows to greet visitors for some time.

The hotel and all its visitors, including the feathered friend.

Co-owner Chris Gimblett told CNN Travel that they have become a little too comfortable at the establishment recently.

Gimblett says they have learned to climb the stairs of the hotel and have even picked up the skill of drinking all the coffee from a mug without spilling or being noticed.

Since picking up their troublesome habits, the establishment has made the difficult decision to ban the emus for good.

A sign has now been placed at the bottom of the hotel stairs that reads, ‘Emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior. Please let yourself through the emu barrier and then reconnect’.

One of Gimblett’s main reasons for banning the emus, is their possessive food behaviour, with sharp beaks and an attitude to match.

The emus are also not accustomed to bathroom etiquette and frequently relieve themselves in such a way that may be undesirable for visitors.

The birds have become incredibly tame.

The emus originally made their way to the hotel after a number of abandoned eggs were discovered nearby. A local wildlife-lover ended up raising them and leaving Carol and Kevin to call the small town home. Since then they decided that Yaraka Hotel was the place to be.

This is not the first time Gimblett has had trouble with the emus. They managed to get inside the hotel before and even gave the bar stock a bit of a look over.

The feisty birds have reached the end of their antics, however, as the hotel owners are set on keeping their distance from the misbehaved feathered friends.

Image credit: Yaraka Hotel

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