European airports buff up security with artificial intelligence

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 16 November 2018

Just when you thought technology couldn’t be moving any faster, airports in Europe design an Artificial Intelligence(AI) security programme that screens passengers who are coming in from outside of Europe.

Image by Murat Tanyel

The new AI programme is called iBorderCtrl and will be part of airport security protocol. The programme is designed to facilitate border guards in spotting illegal immigrants and to assist with the prevention of airport crime and terrorism.

iBorderCtrl has a $5,1-million price tag. With the programme, travellers wanting to enter a European country will be required to fill in an online application, which involves uploading passport images of themselves and proof of sufficient funds in their bank accounts. On arriving at the destination visitors will be welcomed by an avatar security guard who will conduct an interview with each individual. The computerised AI guard analyses facial features and body gestures for clues of lying.

Image from Flickr

The next phase of the security system separates those who have been singled out as low risk during the pre-screening stage. If you are deemed suspicious, you have to undergo a short re-evaluation and more detailed check. The process comprises of fingerprinting, palm vein scanning and face matching before you are granted access into a country. The security system is being tested airports in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece. Other countries to follow suit will be the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Luxembourg.

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