Fake job ads circulating for Kruger Shalati and Kruger Station

Posted on 9 October 2020

Members of the public are urged to ignore fake job advertisements for Kruger Shalati – The Train on a Bridge Hotel or at the Kruger Station. 

There have been false job advertisements doing the rounds.

All vacancies for Kruger Shalati Train on a Bridge or Kruger Station will be advertised via the careers section on the official websites for these entities (www.krugershalati.com and www.krugerstation.com ) or via the respective People and Parks channels.

If you are unsure about the validity of a job post, contact [email protected]

Further to this, please note that Kruger Shalati will never ask for any money in exchange for a job at their properties. If you have been contacted by an individual requesting any form of payment to secure a job we appeal to you to inform us of these incidents on [email protected] – anonymity of such information will be honoured.

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Picture: Supplied/ Getaway Gallery

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