FlySafair is petitioning to change the Public Holidays Act

Posted by David Henning on 20 October 2021

FlySafair is recommending alterations to the Public Holidays Act, suggesting any public holiday be moved to a Friday or Monday to create a long weekend.

The airline argues that having a public holiday in the middle of the week disrupts the economy, and having more long weekends will bolster tourism.

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FlySafair is adamant that South Africans should still ensure the original dates remain a day of reverence and observance, but that the historical significance of these days can be commemorated on business and school days.

But, parallel to the original date, the business holiday can be moved to the nearest Monday or Friday. FlySafair has observed other countries that have implemented this approach to public holidays, limiting its disruption to the economy, such as the UK and Argentina.

For the proposal to come to fruition, an amendment to the Public Holidays Act of 1994 would have to be passed, which would require a petition in parliament. Before this can happen, public support needs to be garnered from various industry bodies from tourism and labour, as well as from the public.

FlySafair has since created a petition to garner public support, if you are in support of the petition, you can find more support or sign it here.

Picture: FlySafair


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