Freak weather blankets Spain in snow

Posted on 12 June 2019

Many parts of Central and Western Europe have been on the receiving end of very unusual and unseasonable weather over the past few days.

Spain and the United Kingdom have been subject to heavy rains and cold temperatures, while low-lying countries including Germany have been experiencing torrential rains and storms. Some areas of the country have received two to three inches of hail.

Spain has been experiencing some of the coldest and oddest weather of all, with heavy snow falling in the country’s north. The Pyrénées mountain range is reported to have received 20cm of snow over 2,000 metres above sea level.

Snow is not uncommon in Spain between September and May, but it is uncommon for the area to receive snow in June. Many regions, in fact, are experiencing temperatures of 5°C to 12°C below the June average.




Picture: Pixabay

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