German airport promotes climate-friendly aviation

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 2 July 2019

Stuttgart Airport in the southwest of Germany has set a national precedent by allowing electric-powered aircraft to land for free at its airport and forgo the usual airline landing fees.

This is part of a move to incentivise more sustainable, greener aviation travel. Eco-conscious flying includes running operations on electricity, i.e. with electric motors, or using alternative fuel sources.

In addition to this, Stuttgart Airport will be paying part of the cost for alternative fuel and granting airlines €300 for every 1,000 litres of alternative fuel.

As well as being more earth-friendly and efficient, airlines operating entirely-electric-powered planes are also posed with the unique design challenge to make the entire flying experience quieter – which means less noise pollution for not only passengers but also civilisation and nature nearby.

‘It is an urgent matter that flying becomes more climate-friendly,’ said Walter Schoefer, CEO of Stuttgart Airport, who welcomes the strategy. ‘For us as an infrastructure provider, the new regulation is a way to promote this mission.’

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Image: Unsplash

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