Hikers high on shrooms saved by mountain rescue in UK

Posted on 12 April 2023 By David Henning

Hikers in the UK’s Lake District went on a little psychedelic “trip”, taking some hallucinogenic mushrooms before a few members of the group started to feel ill.

UK hikers rescued

The Lake District’s Keswick Mountain Rescue received a ‘number of calls’ on Saturday Afternoon, 8 April, from other walkers who were worried about the group.

‘A number of calls were received via passersby, who had come across a group of young adult males who had taken magic mushrooms,’ Mountain Rescue commented

Two men in the group began feeling unwell, including the driver.

11 volunteers were dispatched to Stonycroft Beck to meet the disoriented party and ‘the casualties were walked down and given advice by the team medic regarding the timing of their onward travel.’

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