Japanese city bans eating while walking

Posted on 17 May 2019

Last month the seaside city of Kamakura in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture put a ban on walking and eating at the same time.

Tourists or residents who break the rules will be issued with a citation or could face a fine. There are signs all around the city to encourage good manners rather than warn people of the consequences of breaking the policy.

The new policy was made official for various reasons. Litter, food spillage and staining people’s clothes are all contributing factors. According to CNN, in Japan food is supposed to be properly enjoyed, an impossible task while moving around.

The policy, however, is more of a request than a law or rule.

‘We can’t ban the act of eating while walking, as this is one of the ways to enjoy sightseeing,’ he told the Japan Times. ‘We want to make the street a place where both travelers and residents can feel good.’


Image source: Twitter @JapanReference

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