Japanese hotel charges R13 per night, with a catch

Posted on 21 November 2019

Japan is an expensive country to visit, however, one hotel is trying to attract travellers by offering a room for the extremely low price of R13 per night. The catch is in no way sinister. Some may find extremely conflicting nonetheless.

The hotel is offering a room to those on a tight budget for R13,54 (100 Japanese Yen). The room is a standard Japanese room, equipped with a tatami floor mat and a folding sleeping mat. There are also a few amenities like a TV, a small coffee table and kettle.

According to Insider the hotel in question is the Business Ryokan Asahi in Fukuoka, Japan. The R13 offer is available all year for Room 8.

The catch? Guests will be recorded and live-streamed to the hotel’s YouTube channel for the entire duration of their stay. A tablet is mounted on a wall in the middle of the room. There is no way to avoid the camera.

All privacy, however, is not entirely gone.

There is no camera in the out-of-view communal bathroom, where guest can get changed. There is no nudity or sexual activity allowed, according to the website. Another factor that may sway one’s decision is that the livestream is video-only. Conversations and phone calls remain private. Guests can also keep the lights switched off.

Stays are limited to five days and people are advised to keep personal information away from the camera. The YouTube chanel has over 2,000 subscribers.


Image: Unsplash



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