Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital take in slender mongoose pup

Posted on 17 December 2020

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital continues to restore our faith in humanity. Their latest arrival, an orphaned baby slender mongoose, was found abandoned in Edenvale.

‘After the mom mongoose and siblings ran off onto the Edenvale golf course, this little one was left behind. After waiting 24 hours for the mom to come back, the little mongoose was brought to our hospital for assistance,’ said the hospital in a Facebook post.

The pup arrived in good nick, bar from being slightly dehydrated. The hospital explained that she was given subcutaneous fluids, then slowly the vets introduced her to a special milk formula. She has started to eat natural food sources too.

‘She is well on her way to being an independent mongoose! Once she is fully weaned from her milk formula, she will move on to her next phase of rehabilitation where she will meet other mongooses, and then slowly introduced to a suitable environment where she will learn to find her own food sources,’ said the hospital.

If you are in a position to make a donation to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, you can do so on their website.

Take a look at the adorable pup below.

The pup was alone for 24 hours before going to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital.

The slender mongoose grows to 33cm in length.


Pictures: Lauren Beckley/ Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

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