Lockdown in KZN captured by drone

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 15 June 2020

As South Africa enters the halfway mark of the third month of lockdown, many people have forgotten the wide variety of beautiful beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, and vast landscapes our nation has to offer.

The Hellmot Productions team have created a video to act as a reminder of the beauty found in South Africa, along with highlighting the eerie quietness echoing through the streets of KwaZulu- Natal.

The short film focuses on the abandoned streets and buildings of KZN and shows views a unique side of the city that has never been seen before thanks to mesmerising drone footage.

‘Being filmmakers and licensed drone pilots, the reality of living through a pandemic sparked a natural urge to want to document it and to capture a monumental moment in history,’ Hellmot Productions said on YouTube.

The short film named ‘PERSPECTIVE’ has already amassed over 43,000 views and over 1,000 likes in just three days.

‘We hope that this video will encourage each and every one of you to embrace these challenges and turn them into opportunities for each and every member of our beautiful Rainbow nation, to live lives of equal stature. Our rich South African land can work for us all,’ the team added.

Take a look at the awe-inspiring video below and visit their Youtube channel here.

Image credit: Screenshot

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