London’s new Marble Arch Mound closes after only six months

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 10 January 2022

London’s newest tourist attraction – the Marble Arch Mound – closed its doors after a mere six months since its launch on 9 January 2022.

Marble Arch Mound

Situated on the corner of Hyde Park and Oxford Street, the structure, which cost an estimated £6 million, was meant to epitomise a smarter, greener future, boasting unique views of London, with a light exhibition inside, according to CNN. The Mound quickly rose to fame, though not for the reasons its creators might have envisioned.

Described as ‘incredibly underwhelming’ and offering ‘mediocre’ views of London at best, the structure became a laughing stock on social media platforms. What’s more, scaffolding and equipment used to build the structure was still on site.

After it was announced that the structure would be shut down, some visited the now-infamous attraction one last time, but one visitor said it was the ‘worst experience in London they’ve ever had.’


Picture: Duncan C/Flickr Commons


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