Man attacked by crocodile in Limpopo

Posted by Anita Froneman on 4 December 2020

A man was attacked by a crocodile when he went fishing with his boyfriend at the Rust de Winter reserve in Limpopo recently.

Bertie Fick went into the water to cast his line when a crocodile grabbed him and dragged him into the water. His boyfriend, Gerhard Daffue immediately went in after him, trying to free him from the crocodile’s grip.

‘He jumped in [the dam] and, with all the strength he could find within himself, tried pulling the crocodile’s mouth open,’ Fick’s sister, Mercia Du Plessis said.

After much wrestling, he miraculously did manage to get Fick out of the water and dragged him onto dry land. The crocodile then swam away.

Fick had sustained serious injuries on his leg and Daffue tied his shirt around the wound. He also sustained extensive wounds to his back and stomach.

Daffue had sustained serious injuries on both his hands.

Daffue rushed Fick to the nearest hospital, where both were admitted. They were later transferred to a hospital in Pretoria, where they are both from.

Fick’s lungs and kidneys were punctured, and he is in an intensive care unit. Daffue is in a general ward. Fick’s family applauded Daffue as a hero, and expressions of praise and gratitude have been pouring in for the brave man.

The reserve does have warning signs put up, warning guests about crocodiles and hippos in the area.

Source: News24


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