A Mandarin duck appears in Central Park, New York

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A beautiful violet-breasted bird has been identified in a pond in Central Park, New York. The bird isn’t just a regular run-of-the-mill duck, but a Mandarin duck that has captured people’s hearts. The bird has become a sensation across social media platforms and local news channels. The real question is how does a Mandarin duck make its way to New York?

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Image from Pixabay

The duck has been named after New York singer and actor, Mandarin Patinkin. The majority of Mandarin ducks live in zoos, private aviaries or on farms, however, thousands remaining in the wild in their native habitat of East Asia and Russia’s Far East.


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Mandarin ducks are powerful fliers, that are able to cover 40 kilometres or more a day. Their broad wings and tails make them acrobatic enough to dodge trees and branches in flight.


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